About Us

NEBB Canada is an authorized chapter of the NEBB.

NEBB is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 by contractors in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. The Canada chapter was formed in 1986 in order to participate in the certification process by reviewing candidate firms qualifications and conducting courses of instruction for the training of certified professionals. NEBB establishes and maintains high industry standards, procedures and specifications for application to the various disciplines.

Each discipline is anchored by NEBB procedural standards that provides guidelines for work to be performed. NEBB has also created technical manuals, training tools, materials and ongoing industry seminars to enhance and support each discipline.

Program Advantages

The NEBB program affords building owners, architects, engineers and other agents a reliable basis for specifying work within the various disciplines of NEBB. The program provides contractors highly competent in their field and promotes proper execution of projects by insuring compliance with NEBB standards and procedures.


Candidate firm’s certified professionals must have extensive experience, plus pass appropriate college-level written examinations and demonstrate a practical working knowledge and proficiency in the use of instruments required for the various disciplines. Once having met NEBB’s requirements for certification, a firm must be reviewed and renewed every two years through a recertification process. In addition, each firm must possess a complete set of instrumentation which are in current calibration. Qualified certified professionals must have twelve hours of continuing education in order to maintain certification.

NEBB certified firms also have the option of training and qualifying technicians through the NEBB Technician program. This is another step in NEBB’s continuing pledge to supply highly trained individuals to perform duties in each discipline.

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