Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)

NEBB’s Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Program for air and hydronic systems provides for certification of firms and qualification of individuals that meet criteria established by NEBB.

Purpose of Certification Program

The purpose of NEBB certification is to offer tangible proof of competent firms and certified professionals qualified in the proper methods and procedures for the various categories of NEBB certification.


The following objectives were created for this purpose:

  • To establish industry standards, procedures and specifications for environmental systems TAB
  • To set minimum educational standards and other requirements for the qualification of certified professionally personnel employed by firms who perform this work
  • To establish educational programs for training certified professionally personnel in the proper methods and procedures for environmental systems TAB
  • To certify as qualified for the performance and supervision of environmental systems TAB, those firms who meet the requirements for certification as established by NEBB, who agree to comply with the objectives of NEBB, and who employ certified professionally personnel who have met the NEBB requirements of qualification
  • To serve as a clearinghouse for educational and technical materials pertinent to TAB work

TAB Certification Requirements

In order to become NEBB-certified in TAB, a firm must:

    • Enjoy a reputation for integrity and responsible performance. Six letters of endorsement, five from consulting engineers, architects or building owners and the sixth may be from a contracting firm. All should reflect related work that the applicant firm has completed. Firms who are already NEBB Certified in another discipline will not need these letters.
    • Be affiliated and in good standing with a local NEBB Chapter.
    • Possess the required TAB instruments as outlined in the NEBB TAB Procedural Standard. The local NEBB Chapter must visually confirm compliance.
    • Confirm in writing that it will conform to the NEBB guidelines for the calibration and maintenance of the required TAB instruments.
    • Possess the current NEBB Procedural Standards for Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of Environmental Systems.
    • Designate in writing the Designated Certified Professional who will represent the firm and be responsible for the supervision of TAB work.

TAB Qualification for TAB Certified Professionals

TAB Re-Certification Requirements

Every two years, the local NEBB Chapter must verify continued compliance with NEBB certification requirements for each certified firm, as follows:

  • The firm must own the instruments required for TAB certification which had been accepted or their replacements
  • The firm must submit records to verify their conformance with NEBB guidelines for calibration and maintenance of required TAB instruments
  • The firm must confirm in writing that they employ the designated certified professional(s) full time who previously met the NEBB requirements for TAB qualification
  • The firm must verify in writing that the designated certified professional(s) has attended at least one six (6) hour approved TAB seminar or refresher course given annually or a total of 12 hours for 2 years by NEBB Chapters or National NEBB, or seminars given by ASHRAE, or by other NEBB approved organizations or institutions


A firm’s certification shall automatically be suspended when the firm no longer meets all of the NEBB certification requirements. The certification of a firm suspended may be reinstated by NEBB at such time as it again meets the requirements for certification. The period of suspension may be no longer than one year at which time the firm will lose its certification automatically.

A certified firm must notify the local NEBB Chapter in writing within ten days of the temporary or permanent loss of a designated qualified certified professional.

Loss of Certification

Certification may be terminated for failure of the firm to abide by the objectives and performance standards of NEBB. Termination of certification by NEBB requires vote of the Board of Directors of NEBB provided that by similar vote the Board shall first find that certification is prejudicial to the best interests of the Bureau and provided further that the certified firm in question shall have had opportunity upon written notice of at least fifteen (15) days to show cause why the certification should not be terminated.

Instruments for TAB Certification

NEBB is pleased to announce that changes to the Approved Instrument Requirements Lists will make the re-certification process easier for both firms and Chapter Technical Committees alike.

Please note:  While the lists indicate an effective date of January 1, 2020, those who are currently working on their re-certification must adhere to these new requirements.

While most of the changes in the instrumentation reflect minor “tweaks,” a few major modifications affect either a specific discipline or more than one discipline.  Sound has been updated to include a new Appendix A.

In addition, Certelligence instrument lists (pull-down menus) have been updated to include approved instruments in each of the categories.  While the lists are updated periodically and are extensive, they are not all-inclusive and may not contain all instrumentation that meet the requirements.  Any instrument not on the list but meeting the conditions of the specific standard requirements should be added as “other” along with data specifications in the documentation/photo upload for review by the chapter.

Re-certification opens August 1!  It’s never too early start getting prepared for the re-certification process – don’t wait until August!

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

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