Technical Retro-Commissioning (RCX-EB)

Firms interested in the Retro-Commissioning program should take note that certification in TAB is a mandatory program requirement. In addition, the firm must have a NEBB Retro-Commissioning Certified Professional who meets the requirements outlined below.

Retro-Commissioning Certification Requirements for a Firm

In order to become NEBB Certified in Retro-Commissioning, a firm must:

  • Have operated for a minimum period of 12 months continuously as an engineering firm; BSC firm; mechanical contractor; plumbing contractor; fire protection contractor; electrical contractor; testing contractor; or an adjusting and balancing (TAB) contractor.
  • Enjoy a reputation for integrity and responsible performance. Six letters of endorsement from building owners or contract awarding authorities in the firm’s area are required. Firms who are already NEBB Certified in another discipline will not need these letters.
  • Have at least one NEBB Certified RCX-EB Professional on staff.
  • Be affiliated and in good standing with a local NEBB Chapter.
  • Possess the various instruments and equipment which are required; the local NEBB Chapter must visually confirm compliance.
  • Confirm in writing that it will conform to the NEBB guidelines for the calibration and maintenance of the instruments and equipment required.
  • Possess the current NEBB Procedural Standards for Technical Retro-Commissioning of Existing Buildings.
  • Designate in writing the Designated Certified Professionals who will represent the firm and be responsible for the supervision of retro-commissioning work.

Retro-Commissioning Certified Professional Requirements

For the most current prerequisite, please email

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