Firms interested in the Retro-Commissioning program should take note that certification in TAB is a mandatory program requirement. In addition, the firm must have a NEBB Retro-Commissioning Certified Professional who meets the requirements outlined below.

Retro-Commissioning Certification Requirements for a Firm

In order to become NEBB Certified in Retro-Commissioning, a firm must:

  • Be an NEBB Certified Firm in TAB and have a professional who meets the requirements to hold NEBB RetrO-Commissioning Certified Professional status (see below).
  • Enjoy a reputation for integrity and responsible performance.
  • Be affiliated and in good standing with a local NEBB Chapter.
  • Possess the various instruments and equipment which are required; the local NEBB Chapter must visually confirm compliance.
  • Confirm in writing that it will conform to the NEBB guidelines for the calibration and maintenance of the instruments and equipment required.
  • Designate in writing one or more certified professionals who will represent the firm and be responsible for the supervision of retro-commissioning work.

Retro-Commissioning Certified Professional Requirements

In order to become a NEBB Retro-Commissioning Certified Professional, persons must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be employed by a NEBB certified firm on a full time basis.
  • Be a NEBB TAB Certified Professional, plus must have passed the NEBB examinations for Building Systems Commissioning ( in Procedural Standards, HVAC and Controls.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Retro-Commissioning by passing the appropriate written and practical NEBB examinations.
  • Hold a management position in the firm, be able to represent the firm on retro-commissioning matters, and have a reputation of integrity with consultants and awarding authorities.
  • Participate by reviewing annually produced Retro-Commissioning materials and passing an annual recertification examination.

Attendance at the NEBB RCx Seminar is NOT a requirement. Any candidate can apply to take the Retro-Commissioning exams. However, it is strongly recommended that the candidate attend the seminar prior to taking the exams due to the training nature of this seminar.

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