Code of Ethics

The NEBB Board of Directors approved a Code of Business Ethics at its November 6, 2005 meeting. In adopting this document, NEBB is reinforcing its overall commitment to the quality and integrity provided by its firms and certified professionals. An important aspect of the Code of Business Ethics is that each NEBB Certified Professional must acknowledge and demonstrate his/her commitment by signing the NEBB Code of Business Ethics, which will be kept on file in the NEBB office. This is a mandatory requirement for all NEBB firms and Certified Professionals.

NEBB President Eric Jenison announced the adoption of the Code of Business Ethics via a letter sent to all NEBB Certified Professionals dated January 12, 2006. He said:

I know that all NEBB firms and certified professionals routinely provide high quality services in a professional manner with integrity. The Code of Business Ethics is more evidence of NEBB’s commitment, and I enthusiastically endorse its adoption. I urge you to take prompt action and return your signed copy as soon as possible.

Obtain your copy of the NEBB Code of Business Ethics.

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